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Do I Really Care About His Golf Handicap?

The short answer is “no.”

I’m going to rag and brag on our Archbishop today.  I’ll try to be fair and balanced. Ahem!

The Archbishop is celebrating 10 years as our bishop.  In our archdiocesan newspaper, there was much lauding his accomplishments and praising of his tenure here.

I wish that I could join wholeheartedly in the chorus that is singing his praises.  However, I have my own little list of his accomplishments that aren’t so good in my mind.  Over the years, there have been times when he has given awards to pro-abortion attorneys and health workers at annual “red” and “white” Masses.  He stopped a 20 plus year tradition of the the archbishop giving an invocation and short speech at an ecumenical “Together for Life” Memorial Service and Silent Walk on January 22 each year.  The move that he made seemed to make sense because the small church where Mass was held on that day couldn’t hold the 1000 Catholics that were there.  I know, though, because I am an insider to the event, that it was prompted by political differences with the organization that has sponsored the event since 1974.  I guess that is another problem that I have with him.  Politics seems to trump principle with our Archbishop; a lot!  He still allows Girl Scouts to use our schools for meetings.  He gives unabashed support for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development that pours money into organizations that should be anathema to good Catholics everywhere.

So, now, what about some good things.  In my opinion, he earns many points for continuing our Eucharistic Congress every June.  He is doing his best to build schools and churches while others are having to close and merge.  He is a very personable guy and I think I might like to have a beer with him.  I just wish that that he was a little more motivated toward tradition and a lot less political.

I was here first so I have watched him and prayed for him over these 10 years.  I can’t say that he is on my list of favorite prelates and there are times when I pray that God changes his mind or changes his location so we could have a less progressive shepherd.  Lord only knows though where such a bishop would come from in this country!

Finally, the newspaper was running a contest.  The winner would be drawn from all entries where all 10 questions were answered correctly.  Curiosity “made” me look at them.  There were the usual.  How long has the Archbishop been a priest?? A bishop? Where was he born? Go to school?  The one that made me laugh was “What is the Archbishop’s handicap in golf?”

I pray he says his Rosary and has a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother.  I pray he believes in Judgment, and Heaven and Hell.  I pray he would be a martyr rather than deny the Real Presence in the Eucharist.  I pray he eventually gives us more opportunities for the Traditional Latin Mass.  I pray that he will defend the defenseless even when everyone around him is giving in to unprincipled, political expediency.  I pray he will abandon the “Church of Nice.”

But, his golf handicap?  Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

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There is No Cussing in Latin

Most days, I say my rosary in Latin.

I have always loved this ancient language from the time I’ve been in high school and had a little nun named Sister Mary Hope teach me  four years of wonderful Latin.  During 3rd and 4th year Latin, I was one of two students.  I’m surprised that Judy and I were allowed to actually take the class for credit and Sister Mary Hope was allowed to teach it.  I earned translation awards, one on a National Level when I was a senior.  Needless to say, I was a Latinphile; have been for my whole life.

I can put on a CD of the monks singing Latin hymns in Gregorian Chant and I can sing along with these angelic choirs, actually knowing what I’m singing.  (I love me some Gregorian chant, too.  However, that’s another blog post.)

I think it goes without saying that I prefer my Mass parts in Latin and would really prefer the Tridentine Mass every Sunday.  In all of North Georgia it is only available at one Catholic Church.  This is what our archbishop thinks is making it readily available to those of us who want it.  So much for Summorum Pontificum in this Archdiocese!  (Again, that’s another blog post.)

Okay, so why do I try to pray in Latin?  Because I have never heard a “potty-mouth” use it to curse or swear or utter a profanity.  American English has been polluted with all manner of foulness, and I just don’t want to pray in a language that I think has been debased.  I’m not judging or demeaning anyone’s prayers whatever the language.  I’m just sharing my preference and one of the reasons why I prefer Latin prayers, Latin Masses, and Latin hymns.

I do believe that a language can either lift our minds, hearts, and souls to God or it can fall short.  For me, Latin does the trick.  And, it really is not that hard.  JMJ




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