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It has been 3 years.

I don’t know why I have come back to this.  I know why I quit writing.  I was working and trying to create art and there wasn’t enough time.   I really was trying to do too much.

Now, I am retired.  I am creating art on a daily basis.  I am even selling a few pieces here and there.  (Art has always been my first love; then writing.)  And, I thought I’d start lending my opinion again especially since the Church seems to be in such chaos again.  Just wanted to be sure to get on here and commit.

My next post will be next Saturday when I will tell you about the Mass that we attend every Sunday at St. Aelred Catholic Church.  This Latin Mass, traditional Catholic, has found a Mass that I think I can live with.  Our only TLM is 60 miles away and while that doesn’t seem to be far for most, my body can’t drive that far anymore.

I’m holding out some hope that our new Archbishop will make more Latin Masses available to us.  I wish Washington, DC. luck with Archbishop Gregory–they will need it.

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