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Everything Happens for a Reason

Someone said that if they heard that phrase one more time, their head would explode.  Sometimes, it does sound like something someone would say when they don’t know what else to say, especially when the thing that happens is unplanned or unpleasant.  This doesn’t keep it from being true, though.

And, that doesn’t mean that we will know or understand the reason when something unplanned or unpleasant happens.  We might never know on this side of heaven.  God knows, though.  Things happen for a reason, because our God is a God of certainty and order, not a God of unreasonableness or chaos.  Things happen for a reason according to His plan, not ours.  This is where pride can be a stumbling block for us, if we believe that we can control all the outcomes by our behavior and our choices.  Not possible.  We aren’t that good and all-knowing.  Everything we choose to do, we choose with imperfect knowledge of the outcome.  We can pray that we are making the right choices and trust that God will make things turn out for the glory of His will and that is about the extent of our “control.”

To believe that everything happens for a reason, doesn’t negate free-will, either.  We are free to choose and free to make decisions that we hope will impact our lives for good and not harm.  We are especially free to choose those actions which are for the good of our souls and our salvation.  We are not free to think that we are always in control of every outcome in our life.

I remember someone telling me, if I wanted to make God laugh, to make plans.  Do I still plan?  Of course.  Do I still make decisions?  Of course.  Do I get upset when the outcome is not what I expected?  A little.  As I get older, though, I’m getting better at knowing that things happen for a reason.

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God. Not God. These are the Only Choices!

“The strength of the soul consists in its faculties, passions and desires, all of which are governed by the will. Now when these faculties, passions and desires are directed by the will toward God, and turned away from all that is not God, then the strength of the soul is kept for God, and thus the soul is able to love God with all its strength.”

— St. John of the Cross, p. 259 of “Ascent of Mt. Carmel.”

Not everyone is going to heaven.  Let’s get that out of the way.  And, there are probably people who are going to hell who, at this moment, don’t think that it is possible for them.  After all, they were baptized and received their First Holy Communion (especially if they are Catholic) or they have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior (if they are Protestant.)  It’s not enough, though.

We have to make the choice to act like we are baptized or Jesus is our Savior every single minute of our existence on this life.

Dr. Italy likens this to a door.  On one side is Jesus (who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the only way to the Father) and on the other is not-Jesus.  The idea is at the end of our life the door will close and depending upon which side of the door we are standing when it slams shut and locks will determine where we spend eternity.

I don’t know about you, but I tremble when I think about it.  St. Paul told us that we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  Pretty scary words.  I mean, have you read Matthew, Chapter 5 and 25?  We all fall short of the beatitudes.  Oh, and by the way, the door is narrow that leads to heaven.  More complications.

And, yet, there is so much hope if (and this is a big “if”) we trust Jesus.  Trust Him in everything, everyday.  Put our daily lives into His loving Hands.  Sometimes, I feel like the woman with the hemorrhage and I touch the hem of His garment and hold on for dear life.  Everyday, we make the choice for God because we don’t know when that door is going to shut.

Choose wisely, friends.

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Facebook? Not so Much!

I have three thoughts that are swirling around my brain this evening.  Don’t know how they might be related.  However, I think they are.

My daughter, my husband and I made the monthly pilgrimage to St. Francis for the Traditional Latin Mass yesterday.  First we drive to our daughter’s house that is 35 minutes away from us.  Then she drives the other 35 minutes to the Church.  (If you have read previous postings, you know that we don’t trust our car to go great distances.)

The Gospel according to St. Luke was about the 10 lepers that were cured and only one came back to thank Jesus; and he was a Samaritan (foreigner.)  Every time I read this passage, I am reminded first that we need to be thankful each and every day to God and then that we should express our thanks to those who serve us in some way.  We need to be grateful.

My daughter serves us in so many ways and I can never thank her enough especially for leaving her family on a Sunday morning when she is only 10 minutes from her own Catholic parish Church and going with us.  She has been doing this for about 3 years, now, and she is so lovely for doing it.

We were taught to be thankful when we were growing up.  If someone gave us a present, we thanked them, and most of the time, in writing.  Phone calls came to replace the handwritten notes although I still try to write the note if I can.  I tried to raise my children the same.  Not so sure that it “took” because their grandma would always complain that they didn’t call her to let her know that they got her birthday cards or her Christmas presents.  I’m not going to judge.  I’m just going to say that it seems that the younger people think they are too busy to say thanks.

Charlie and I get very few thanks nowadays.  When we receive a present, we try to call immediately to say thank you, not only for expressing appreciation,but to let the person know that we got something from them in the mail so they wouldn’t be wondering.  However, we have wondered a lot.  I worried because I would send cash to grandchildren and never know if they received it or not until I asked.  I have stopped sending presents to the grandchildren because I haven’t gotten a thanks from them in years.  I love them, though, so they receive cards with no money or checks in them.

Some will say that one doesn’t give to get thanks, and I guess I can agree.  But, don’t you think that if more people said, “Please?” and “Thank-you.”  it might be a better place out there?  If they picked up the phone and called?  If they let you know that you matter enough to get a “thanks.”  I guess I can relate to Jesus in this story.  How sad He must have felt about the other 9.

My other thoughts are related after all.  When I was getting my Ph.D. 21 years ago, we did very little online.  I used a computer to do my statistics for my experiments and used a word processor to write my dissertation.  I knew what was coming though and actually did a paper on people living in Electronic Caves.  Enter smart phones, i-pads, Facebook, etc. and my predictions came true.

People think a Facebook post can take the place of a phone call.  A text message can take the place of a face to face.  There are very few social niceties because there are very few social interactions.  If one never has to talk, really talk, to someone then that person is nothing to them.  And one can treat a nothing very badly indeed.

One of the reasons that I am off Facebook right now is what passes for discourse on Social Media sites.  If someone is going to tell me to “shut the h— up,” I want them to have the grace and courage to tell me in person.  Or call me.  I’ll thank you for it.


Note:  This blog and my Twitter account are linked with my FB account so some people might think that I am still on there.  I am not.  If something really important happens that you want me to know, call me, please.  Or put it on the family grapevine.  I talk to my daughters and sister at least once a week.



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God Can’t Stop Himself

Tonight, I’m going to make a short story long.

We own a 21 year old car, a Corolla.  It has 257K miles on it and we are expecting to get another 50K before it dies and we park it on the side of the road with a sign that says “first come, first serve.”  It hasn’t had air-conditioning in almost 10 years.  Ten years ago it didn’t matter so much because we were younger.  Now, it does, so we only go out in the heat before noon or after 7 p.m.  That, too, is okay.  The two back windows haven’t been able to come down in about 4 years.  Now, the driver’s side window doesn’t come down.  It would cost us almost $300 to get it fixed.  That is about what the car is worth.  So we have one window that we can open.

Yesterday, when I was at Adoration, Jesus and I discussed the car.  Charlie and I had had the discussion on Wednesday, when we were talking about whether or not getting another used car was a wise use of our resources right now.  (We pray every night that God will show us how to use our resources wisely.)  I realized that since the heater works quite well on the car, we only have to get through about 2, possibly 2 1/2 months before cooler weather.  I came home from Church and purchased a portable car fan for circulating the air from Amazon.  We decided that we will make a decision in the spring unless a newer used car drops itself in our lap.  I believe in miracles so who knows?

On Friday, we go up into town to run any errands that we need to do.  We left the house about 9:30 a.m. under very cloudy skies.  The clouds kept the sun off of us and the heat down in the car.  We had 6 stops to make.  At the last stop, the sky looked very threatening for a storm.  I told Charlie as we walked into the store that I had a feeling that it wouldn’t start raining until we were home.  When we came out, the sky was still dark and cloudy, and the car, even with only one window open was comfortable.  No rain.

I told Charlie that today, God was blessing us with the clouds to keep us cool.  He replied, “He’s always blessing us.  In fact, I think God can’t stop Himself from blessing us.”


The sun came out when we pulled into the driveway and it has been sunny and hot the rest of the day.






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Send Planned Parenthood Federal Funds to Help the Fight Against Zika

Found this blogger today, because of a comment made on one of my posts.  Am following.  Hope you do, too.  This stuff is great!


Many debates have surprisingly simple resolutions if we would just step back and identify the priorities.  We would often find that two supposedly separate issues can easily be merged into one solu…

Source: Send Planned Parenthood Federal Funds to Help the Fight Against Zika

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No! We don’t!

I went to the Women’s Club meeting last night at my Church (Catholic, of course.)  Thirteen years ago, I joined.  Stopped going to the meetings about 8 years or so ago.  I always pay my dues though.  (It’s only 20 dollars and then I get a copy of the minutes, etc. and can keep up with what they are doing in case I want to go back.)  Most of the time in the past 8 years, I went to the first meeting of the year and paid my dues in person.  However, last night was the first time I went to a first meeting in two years.  They have all new officers, so I thought it might be different.  So, I went.

And, it started out fine.  One of the past presidents did a wonderful program on why we should and do make the Sign of the Cross.  We all got to read one of the 21 reasons and as we went around the room to read, the whole thing began to fall apart.  So, we are talking about our worship of a Triune God.  (Get it, right?  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.)  Couldn’t get any plainer.  Then someone, who should know better, reminded us that a wonderful Muslim woman told her that we all pray to the same God.  WOW!  NO WE DON”T.  What doesn’t this good Catholic woman not understand about a Triune God?  Of course, since I wouldn’t be coming back to the meetings the rest of the year, I let it pass.  Someone else can deal with her delusion

That wasn’t all.  They pass a jar around for donations to the Madonna Fund.  This fund used to provide locally for mothers with small children who needed financial help.  Last night, I found out that the Madonna Fund is given to the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for use overseas.  Since 98% of CRS employees give to pro-abortion candidates during an election and CRS also promotes contraception and abortion overseas, I could never give to the Madonna Fund again.

It’s never easy for me to go to a Catholic organization’s meeting, when it espouses positions that aren’t Catholic.  (sigh)

Maybe next year?


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It’s the Feast of the Transfiguration! The Apostles Saw the Face of God and Lived!

Here is the picture and explanation from


Feast of the Transfiguration

The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord takes place on August 6th, an event mentioned in all three Synoptic Gospels. After revealing that he would be put to death in Jerusalem, Jesus took the three disciples of his inner circle to the summit of Mount Tabor in order to reveal his glory to them. Peter, James, and John saw Jesus transfigure before them, radiant in the fullness of his glory as he truly was, the Son of God. Next to Jesus were Moses and Elijah as witnesses to Christ’s fulfillment of the Old Testament law and prophets. St. Matthew writes of the event by saying, “He was transfigured before them. And his face did shine as the sun: and his garments became white as snow.”

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