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Dignitas Personae: A Review of Part One

Anthropological, Theological, and Ethical Aspects of Human Life and Procreation:


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Dignitas Personae- A Review

I have begun writing for reviewing for my first few articles the Instruction, Dignitas personae.

First, I suggest that you check out the website and then check out my article.  It’s one page and quick reading.  In it, I give the link to the whole Instruction, in case you want to read it.



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60 Topics from We need concern ourselves with them!

From  Thank you, Michael Voris and your apostolate, St. Michael’s Media.

60 TOPICS the Catholic Establishment Media will not report

1. Holy Communion in the hand that was never called for by the Church
2. Altar girls never called for by the Church
3. Priest facing the people never called for by the Church
4. Gregorian chant insisted on by Vatican II yet near totally neglected in every parish
5. So-called “Eucharistic ministers” never called for by the Church
6. Protestant music in Mass never called for by the Church, in fact, Catholic sacred music insisted on
7. Use of Latin in Mass insisted on by Vatican II and neglected in nearly every parish
8. Movement of the tabernacles from center of the parish altar never called for by the Church
9. Smashing of Catholic art & architecture
10. Near disavowal of confession
11. Near total absence of promotion of the devotional life
12. Parish Youth Ministries neglecting and in some cases rejecting Catholic doctrine
13. Parish Adult Religious Education neglecting Catholic doctrine
14. Destruction of Catholic education in parishes
15. Catholics leading the way on gay marriage approval
16. Refusal to enforce Canon 915 – denial of Communion to pro-aborts
17. Orthodox seminarians being carefully monitored, or not ordained or delayed
18. “Gay Masses” in many dioceses with the bishops’ knowledge
19. CCHD financial support for pro-abortion and pro-contraception groups
20. CRS giving donations to Obama campaign
21. Homosexual or homosexual-friendly clergy
22. Enormous resistance to the Traditional Latin Mass by bishops, priests
23. Non-stop emphasis on “earthly” matters like immigration and gun-control
24. Failure to preach against contraception
25. The attacks against traditional minded Catholics by the Establishment
26. National KofC refusal to address issue of pro-aborts in their own ranks
27. Promotion of the spurious notion of reasonable hope that all men are saved
28. False ecumenism that papers over the differences between religions
29. Indifferentism toward the Truth and superiority of Catholicism
30. Catholic majorities voting for Obama (twice)
31. Catholic higher education almost totally eradicated
32. Refusal by majority of bishops to publicly acknowledge the deep problems/causes
33. Dissident priests allowed to keep their positions in parishes
34. Dissidents and heretics being promoted on Catholic speaking circuit
35. Collapse of young adult Catholics believing the faith – less than 15% active
36. Ever-shrinking number of faithful Catholics
37. The ambiguities in need of clarification in some Vatican II documents
38. The very liberal political leanings of much of lay leadership
39. Inability of many bishops to overcome the liberal structures in their own diocese
40. Lack of commitment to pro-life Catholic activities
41. Overall Protestantization of the Church
42. Substitution of social justice for personal holiness
43. Widespread acceptance of contraception in the church
44. Targeting by liberal chanceries of solid orthodox priests
45. Massive misapplication of Natural Family Planning
46. Misapplication of “nonjudgmental” and “tolerance”
47. Feminization of Church life
48. Lack of preaching teaching on personal sin
49. Poor seminarian formation

50. Failure to preach Dogma of No Salvation Outside the Church
51. Lack of precision regarding Islam worshipping of “the same God”
52. Abuse of zero tolerance by bishops against orthodox priests
53. Smearing of orthodox laity by failure to designate them as “in good standing”
54. Buy-in by the Bishops of anthropocentric climate change
55. Failure to decry Americanism and reject poorly applied idea of religious liberty
56. Hostility toward Homeschooling and independent schools among Catholic laity
57. Allowance of paganism/new age/ in parishes and orders
58. Downplaying of demonic/devil
59. Abuse of collegiality in the various Bishops conferences
60. Failure to correctly apply the principle of subsidiary

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I Miss the Phone Calls

It has been 5 weeks since my mom died and I miss the phone calls.

I had called mom every night at 6:50 p.m. for almost 9 years.  Sometimes we would talk for 10 minutes and sometimes we would talk for an hour–it depended upon what was going on in our lives.  One of the things about it was that I got to tell her every night that I loved her and she told me that she loved me.

Now, I look at the clock and my heart is sad because I know exactly what I would have told her last night.

For instance, I tried to have a joke or two for her once in a while and she would pretend to think they were funny.  Last night I would have told her about Moses the Parrot and Jesus the Rottweiler.  (old joke but still fun.)  She would have laughed and then reminded me that she wouldn’t remember it to tell anyone else.

I would have told her how I cried on Sunday when they sang “Don’t be Afraid,” because that is what was sung at her funeral Mass.

We probably wouldn’t have talked too much longer than 7, because that is my hour for Adoration, so as I was going into church she would remind me to pray for her and I would tell her, as I did every Monday evening, that I always do and not just on Monday night.

Now, I pray for the repose of her soul, waiting for when my mourning will be turned into gladness.

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